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Our heart beat for the doing! Too many ideas fail, because you do not find the right room to make them come to life. As a platform for gastronomic rooms, creative ateliers and crafty workshop rooms, Craftspace wants to change that. Are you looking for the right room for starting your own business, your project or your hobby? We help you finding it. Or you have a suitable room with free capacity? We support you in making the most of it and generate additional revenues while reducing its vacancy.
Originally, Craftspace was founded by Christoph, Robert and Til. In 2015 Til established the first premium hot dog-food truck for Hamburg and discovered while planning, how difficult it can be to find the right venue for a good idea. This is how the idea of Craftspace was born. Together with Christoph and Robert, two friends from his student days, the idea of Craftspace then became reality.
Since September 2017 Craftspace is growing as a member of the Spacebase family. The locations on the platform are available to an international audience and can be booked online. The Berlin based start-up Spacebase is an online booking platform for creative and innovative meeting and workshop rooms and – together with Craftspace – offers around 3000 unique venues in over 12 countries worldwide.


Our heart beats for crafting! Too many ideas fail because the right space cannot be found. With CRAFTSPACE as an online platform for gastro, craft and creative spaces we want to change this. Are you looking for the right space to start your own business, your project or your hobby? We help you find it. You have suitable space with free capacity? We help you make better use of it and to generate additional income.



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