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Studio mieten in Hamburg


What is the average hourly rate for Kitchen in Berlin? The average hourly rate for Kitchen in Berlin is 62€ per hour, excl. tax, but you can also book venues for as cheap as 20€ per hour.

How many hours are included in the daily rate? The daily rate represents a 10 hour use of the space on business hours: from 8am to 6pm or from 9am to 7pm for example. Please keep in mind that the opening hours can vary from space to space and that additional fees may occur outside of the opening hours. Please note that some spaces may have an 8 hour daily rate only - in that case, the information is given in the space description.

What is the difference between a booking and a reservation? There are two possible ways to book a space on Craftspace: - Direct booking: if you request to book a room, the space owner has 72 hours to confirm or decline the request. When it is confirmed, the space will be booked for your event. - Reservation: you request a 3 days non-binding reservation. The space owner has 72 hours to confirm or decline your request. In case it is confirmed, you have 72 hours to make your final decision to either book the space or decline the reservation. You turn the reservation into a booking by choosing a payment method on the hire details page.

What is the Craftspace processing fee for guests? Craftspace does not charge guests a processing fee. We charge a service fee to hosts, which allows us to promote their spaces and support their bookings.

Can I book the location for just a couple of hours? Sure, most of the spaces are bookable per hour. In that case, you can find the price per hour on the venue detail page. Some spaces charge a minimum booking fee, which you can find on the space profile as well.

Du möchtest ein Studio in Hamburg mieten und das zu den besten Konditionen? Bei uns wirst Du professionell betreut und findest eine große Auswahl an Mietstudios! Egal, ob für ein Fotoshooting, einen Filmdreh, für Events oder ein Casting – CRAFTSPACE bietet Dir das passende Mietstudio zum kleinsten Preis. Die Vorteile von CRAFTSPACE auf einen Blick: - Günstig: Bei uns zahlst du den niedrigsten Preis für Deinen Craftspace. Unser Service ist für Dich und den Anbieter 100% kostenfrei - Einfach: Deine Anfrage geht ohne Umwege direkt an den Anbieter. So kommt Ihr schnell und unkompliziert zusammen - Flexibel: Hier findest Du den passenden Raum für Dein Projekt. Ganz ohne Investition und lange Mietbindung